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media recommendations

here's an overview of media that i love and recommend


the smiths

british janglepop band, singer is a twat but that's okay




rap braucht wieder einen märchenerzähler!


big feels


tokyo godfathers

comedy movie about three homeless blokes who find a baby directed by satoshi kon


80s horror-comedy where crazy scientist tries to get his crush to like him, murders people in the process

the handmaiden

might honestly be the best movie I've seen, objectively


twin peaks

the owls are not what they seem

neon genesis evangelion

very sad people in very big mechas

revolutionary girl utena

sword fights, drama, death, what more do you want

the terror

what happened to the two ships sent out to map out the arctic back in 1826? also very spooky


slay the spire

why is this so addictive

dragon age: origins

alistair was my first true love and 5 years later I am still heartbroken about his betrayal

professor layton

charming puzzle games for the nintendo ds and 3ds